Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In the shade of a tree

I'm feeling a little bit down these days. All the information about our massive gloomy impact on the environment got to me. I mean thats what these articles and books are supposed to do in order to change people, and they're doing a great job (obviously) .

There's one important thing I forgot though. Most of the material is written by people that aren't necessarily religious or even if they are, look at things differently than how we Muslims do. At the end of the day we rely on Allah. He sustains us, our creator, not the creation. The trees are a means for us to eat, breath clean air, warm ourselves and build shelter. But it's Allah who sustains the tree. Allah is the one we're supposed to observe not the tree. I came to realize that secular environmentalist don't have this important aspect in their picture, so when we take this important element out, we're left with helpless imperfect creatures like ourselves. So then things get a little out of hand and the most valued thing( nature) the thing that provides life for us becomes in a way the god we're working for.

Don't get me wrong, it is our duty as muslims to preserve this planet. All the things the environmentalist are teaching people to do, most people in traditional religious cultures already do, without being radical or rebellious. It's how people lived for hundreds of years until the introduction of mass communication instruments like TV.
It's praised in Islam to conserve.
Make things yourself. It's makruh (disliked) if not haram (forbidden) to waste. Plant trees ( we're told if you witness the end of time and you have a seed in your hand, plant it!) Think about others and do unto others what you like to be done unto to you.. I can go on forever.
Prophet's Mohammad's( peace be upon him) favorite color was green theres a message there to be learned, I don't think it's a mere coincidence.
If theres anyone who should be trying to be "green" and have a lighter footprint on the planet it should be Muslims. If all Muslims observed Islam properly, we wouldn't be known in the west as "the big shoppers".

The point of all what I'm writing is not to diss anyone, I respect all the efforts being made.
I am grateful for those radical environmentalists who are trying so hard to make a change. I am just sad for how we Muslims got so brain washed into switching from sustainability to consumerism. We forgot our duty and our purpose on this earth. We're supposed to be travelers on the path, and this earth is but a shade of a tree. We are not resting and taking refuge in the shade of a tree to continue our journey. We got comfortable, decided to stay and killed the tree!

Here's a good link that summons some of the points mentioned above and more in a scholarly manner: http://www.asiantribune.com/index.php?q=node/6426

This is a reminder for myself before anyone else. If anyone got offended from this post please forgive me.

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Ana said...

Dear Nermine, I am so proud of you. Your comments will make a difference in the environment and thus in all our lives. Many hugs,