Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cold winters in warm countries

I just heard from a friend of mine that Egypt is going through this extreme weather change, it's raining everyday, the streets are flooded, the government is handing out blankets in the streets, and people just stopped going out at night trying to avoid the cold!
To all you Egyptians out there, hang on.
This makes me think of all the blessings we have here in the U.S., enough warm clothes, central heating, and streets equipped for the extreme weather.

My sister was also mentioning how its so cold in the U.A.E that people are starting to buy heaters( thats if they can find them in stores!) stores don't sell heaters there, they never needed to really!

Here are some tricks I learned by living in Midwestern weather to survive long harsh winters:

LONG UNDERWEAR ( aka fallootta in Arabic).
Long underwear is my winter friend, It's actually allot of peoples winter friend if not best friend in this part of the world.

You just pop 'em in the microwave for 5 minutes and they become your instant warm cuddly pet.

Best winter sleep mate ever! along with your significant other lying next too you:)

Back in Egypt our place would get so cold I just had to bake lots of banana bread to keep the place warm. The result: a toasty warm place and allot of banana bread to eat and share with loved ones. I'll be posting my famous banana bread recipe later inshaAllah.

So here's the thing everyone, our life choices affects all of us, not just ourselves and immediate family, global weather change is happening everywhere, partly because thats the cycle of nature but mainly because of all the yucky stuff we're producing in our soil, water and atmosphere.
At war time we are not supposed to kill a tree or harm an innocent animal let alone innocent people, and thats war time!
Why are we choosing to use toxins that pollute our water, soil and air. Killing millions of species and introducing new unheard of byproducts that are causing the chaos we're living in today.
I was browsing the web looking for some inspiration and I came across Crunchy chicken blog.
She has different challenges on her blog, the one that really caught my attention is intentionally freezing herself, and she's not alone there are lots of people out there that are doing the same. Why the madness?well to preserve energy.
The deal is she's intentionally lowering her thermostat through winter to preserve energy. How does she manage, well check out this challenge:


lucya said...

Hi Nermine - this is great to see! I love getting your emails, and am so inspired by the voice and the concerned engagement that shows through in each - so glad that you're taking that voice a step further and sharing more of your preoccupations. Also, thank you again for the kindness and generosity you both showed me when I was new to Cairo. I learned so, so much while there - mostly humility. It was truly lovely to meet you. Be well be well, Lucy Alford.

Me said...

Hi Lucy, It's so good to hear from you, We are currently living in Chicago IL, It would be wonderful if our paths crossed again, meanwhile I hope you're enjoying the adventure that life is.
best of wishes.