Friday, February 29, 2008

Mosque Goer Noses Might Need Stronger Stuff!

Today was officially the first try out of my green recipes, for the 51st street mosque.
The result...ummm a failure, well not really. Alright, just read on!

For the past weeks the mosque has been using a carpet scent that I made. They haven't been too ecstatic about the not too strong scent, in comparison with the chemical stuff...well da!
Sorry ( here's me trying to be nicer and more understanding: "Nermine"( As my thinking more reasonable brain calls me) "they're used to the strong chemical scents, give them a chance, you needed some time to adjust when you first stopped using the scented laundry fabric softener a couple of years ago".. Angry me: "well, alright if you put it that way ( meaning super smart and witty) I'll be more patient..grrr")

So today I gave the people that are in charge of cleaning the mosque these home made products:
Scented vinegar rinse spray
Scented Baking soda shaker
Air freshener spray for the toilet, along with a note explaining how to make each and every recipe and how to clean with it.
I arrived today a little before everyone at the Friday Khutba ( sermon). My nose at once started burning from the smell of the chemical stuff mixed with a faint residue of some vinegar scent.
Hmm.... I walked in and saw the person in charge of cleaning, spraying away with the chemical stuff.
I felt a bit frustrated. After all the effort I put into explaining the hazards and making the products! I guess the main reason was my ego( whats not to like? then I remembered my conversation with my self earlier).

What happened was the cleaning person decided the smell was too vinegary and wanted to cover the smell up by using the "good old strong stuff".

I am sharing this experience with you guys so we can all learn from it( specially those of you who are trying to switch their mosques).
What I'll try to do next time is:

1.Post on the mosque wall (in large print) a list of all the hazardous effects from cleaning with this stuff. ( people forget and won't believe it unless they see it with their own eyes. Also a reliable source helps!)
2. Modify my recipes by using stronger scents for mosque goer noses.
3. have more patience.
4. stop talking to myself publicly.

Make du'a:)


Another Anna said...

Oh, how frustrating! But hang in there! Just by being your own sweet self, and reminding people of the effects of what they're choosing to do, you're having a huge impact, just not a visible (or smellable!) one yet. There's a lot of habit and custom and culture that has to change before some people will change their actions, and you're doing what you can do, by lovingly sharing your labor and knowledge and encouragement.

While you're at it, ask your husband to tell his brother that vinegar really works, and the smell goes away! :-)

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Anna, thats very encouraging. The Imam of the mosque heard that I left cause I react badly to the chemical cleaner and called my husband on the phone and they're going to give the natural stuff another chance, so yay:)
Sam didn't like the vinegary smell at first but now he associated the smell with cleanliness. I add from 15 to 20 drops mint scent essential oil. The vinegar smell fades in no time.
Btw, how can I leave comments on your blog I tried so many times and it doesn't work!

Makeda said...

salaam, keep trying. i would suggest using some stronger essential oils in the mix. I think something like eucalyptus or tea tree oil, something that gives people that 'this is so strong n smelly it must be working' feeling. I use natural products, but I buy them bc I don't feel like making them, and the absence of smell would have been a turn off, but being pregnant, i really can't stomach any strong smells right now.
Anyway, i was really checking your site to see if u had any commentary on cloth diapering. I am pretty settled on it for my future children insha'Allah, and am just wondering about other mothers experiences. The ones I want to get are from BumGenius (
Wa salaam

Muslim Hippie said...

I used cloth diapers for about 5 months with my little one and was very happy with them, I stopped coz I moved and the new place had a terrible washing machine that doesn't clean much. Plus I had a lot to carry 4 flights of stairs, I was carrying wet presoaked diapers plus my ever growing baby. I resided to using bleach free diapers till we move again. I did try the Bum genius and its actually my number one recommendation to any new Eco-mommy:) Good luck with that. If you need tips on how to wash'em lemme know.