Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sewing related...

Remember this skirt I made for Mei a while back?

So introducing what I like to call "the beetle juice outfit":

And here's Mei trying to open a Mei sized house:

More sewing related: I bought these fabrics that I am dreading to touch. I can't bring myself or my scissors to even come close.( How do you sewers out there do it. Isn't it insanely scary? What if i ruin it? I guess that's part of the adrenaline rush in crafting, right? Please God, let it be perfect. I really don't want to ruin it!)

So I am currently dreaming about a shirt and pants outfit for Mei. And a kerchief for Mama and baby from the leftovers. There should be leftovers right, I mean I bought a whole yard of each. It should definitely be enough. Don't you agree?

A girl can dream...



Taliba said...

Awsome skirt mamita!
When we get in the car my little chipmunk keeps asking if we're going to Tante N. She doesn't realise how far away we are!

Muslim Hippie said...

Hillarious! My daughter says 'ammo and Khala instead of Tante and Uncle! My egyptian family thinks I'm so "Bee2a" LOL!

Mei asks about Marmar all the time!

We miss you guys.


Taliba said...

Lol. Marmar's sense of social class is a bit confused. Women are Tant and men are `Ammu ;)

Sarah said...

Mashallah your little Mei is not so little anymore! Or does that outfit make her look taller? I'm loving it no end mashallah.

And the stockings are sooooooooooooooo Tim Burten. They go amazingly with the skirt. You always new how to put cool outfits together :D

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Sarah. And yes, she's a little kidlet. She's also tall and skinny for her age.

Robyn said...

cute, cute, cute!