Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am a night grinder.
I should wear my night guard.

My computer appointment is this Wednesday.
I need to be more mindful about computer time.
I need to go to bed right now.

I love the "Artisan bread in five minutes a day" book.
I love baking.
I make fresh bread everyday.
We eat a lot more bread since I started making my own.

I enjoy praying five times a day even if I'm rushed.
I should read more Quraan.

I don't know why I'm telling you all this, but I'm doing it anyway.




lauren said...

I finally got a real night guard a couple of years ago and I LOVE IT. It is wonderful. If I forget it, or if I take it out in my sleep, I can totally tell in the morning because my head hurts and I feel awful. You should wear your night guard.

I am glad you love the book! Isn't it fun? Which recipes have you made from it? Share!

Muslim Hippie said...

Yes Lauren, I really should wear it, I should get a better one soon, cause the one I have really sucks.
About the bread I am currently making the Boule and sandwich bread from the master recipe. I tried the whole wheat sandwich one first and really messed it up, so I am getting comfortable with the master recipe first. I think I can officially say I am ready to move on. I'll be sharing photos once I get my computer emptied.

The amount of good energy I send your way for passing on that wonderful book is tidal waves worth! Thank you so very much. I owe you big time.


Robyn said...

I had a night guard, but never could get used to it. I also found that I grind my teeth more when I don't get enough sleep. Funny, that.

I will be honest and admit that I don't always find prayer enjoyable. I do it, but I have a laziness that I have to fight often. I also have to fight this idea that my forever long to-do list is more important than salat. things I need to work on.

I need to read more Qu'ran, too. Hey, do you want to maybe do some kind of reading/memorization schedule? That might be fun.

I have not been making as much bread as I was because school is out an we often eat leftovers for lunch instead of sandwiches.

Muslim Hippie said...

Robyn- About the night guard, I just saw my dentist who was very disappointed with me. She'll tweak it more until I like it enough to wear it. Meanwhile I would advise any night grinder to please wear their night guard so they save their teeth. Myself included.

About prayer I feel the same. I get lazy to do it, but once I do it I feel great. It really lifts my spirits.

Quraan was always my weakness. I can't promise anything now, I am in a monthly khatm. I find it the only motivator for me to read it. If you can find some setting like that it woul be great.


Ahmed said...

I do wear my night gard about 90% of the time, if I can find it that is:). I'm a major night grinder to the point that I used to scare my sister at night. She once woke me up to make sure that her beloved brother didn't transform into something inhumane and that it's still me!(she's quite the imaginative one when it comes to spooky stuff hehe). It was funny afterwords but it wasn't so pleasent while being woken up by two trembling hands filled with adrinaline strength pushing and pulling me out of my dream world:S, but thats alright, a good laugh shared in reality with a loved one is better than a million good dream thats only remembered (maybe even fades away) by one's self.

As for reading Quran, I do have a suggestion that inshaALLAH will be of benifit like it is to me (alhamdulELLAH); I used to read 10 pages of Quran everyday but then consistancy was too difficult so, I started doing a minimum of 5, but then again it was too difficult to keep it up since I'm an extremely slow reader and very busy most of the time. Then a good friend of mine reminded me of the prophet's hadith, which I don't memorize word by word but it's something along the lines: khayro'l 2a3mal ila ALLAH adwamoha, wa inn qallat. I'm not a good translator but I'll do my best. It means: The best good deeds to ALLAH is what lasts, even if it was little. So I decided to read every day a minimum of (*)star to (*)star (like my friend), and that is usually less than 3 pages and takes not more than 10 minutes to finish if your the slowest of all (noone can beat ME :P). So, it's as long as it would take you guys to read or write on blogs.

May ALLAH give us patience in worshipping him and be pleased with us all.



Muslim Hippie said...

I really am glad you wear your night guard Ahmad. I experienced your grinding first hand as you mentioned! Thank you for the Quraan reading suggestion. You're the best!