Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sniffles, Bread, and bread bags ( photoless)

Both my girls have the sniffles with a mild temperature. I got thrown up on yesterday by Mei. After she was done, she looked at my clothes and said: "Oh I spilled on mama!"

It's OK love, you can spill on mama all you want ( not really!), but please get better soon. Mommy is very tired and needs to sleep. Both you and Grabby were up all night coughing and crying and breaking my heart. And mommy will need her energy 'cause (Yay!) two of my sisters are coming tomorrow with their twins ( yes, both my sisters have twins, It runs in our family, I guess very strongly!) and significant others.

On a different note: I tried today making the peasant loaf with a mix of whole wheat and rye flour, and used the previous starter. The result was a super tasty peasant sour dough bread. Next time I'll remember to add caraway seeds. Seriously I know I said it so many times before, but this book is a MUST in any household library! There's another one coming out soon.

I also started making bread bags, to store all that bread in. I am in the middle of making the longish one for sandwich bread, my next project will be to make a round one and a sandwich bag like the one Kate made. ( well, I'll skip the skulls though. Maybe bugs or soot gremlins. On a second thought, maybe Kate's choice is better. Hmm*looking at the ceiling while resting my chin on my fist*)

My computer's appointment was supposed to be today. My husband had a clashing dentist appointment. The Dentist won. So you'll have to wait a little longer to see what I've been making.



Robyn said...

So sorry about the throw up. Insha'Allah the girls will feel better soon and you hang in there.

Taliba said...

Kisses to the girls and many salams to your sisters!!!
You'll love this: