Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chicago, Chicago!

My presence on this space is going to be unpredictable these days. We are out all day, every day. Soaking in the sun, in the unexpected wonderful Chicago weather. Along with some serious Magnificent Mile shopping ( Also outlet malls... hooray for summer sales and traveling budgets!) Taking advantage of every second of it. Visiting parks, gardens, neighborhoods, museums, and the list goes on. Chicago is really a great city to visit ( hint, hint, Kate). I can officially declare that this is by far my best summer yet in this country. ( I know three summers don't count as a lot of summers to compare with, but there... I said it anyways.)

My twin sister's twins (confusing , huh?) said both my daughters names and they don't even speak yet! They're 14 months old. And adoooooooorrraaaaaaaable!!!

Grabby, had her first crawl ( so to speak) today... she's been rolling around all over the house for over two months now. She can get anywhere she wants by this technique, and I'm assuming that's why she hasn't been persuaded to crawl yet. She's been doing the mounting on all fours and wiggling back and forth for sometime now, but she usually ends up on her stomach and occasionally she'll fall splat on her face, and share a couple of tears mixed with trickles of blood and a fat lip. ( that's how they learn, right?)

Anyhoo, I think this is all you're getting from me today... Along with a photo of Grabby's sticky up-y hair!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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Robyn said...

I have heard the weather has been fantastic there. Glad you're enjoying it. :0)