Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cairo time...

Blogger speaks Arabic now...

It always throws me off when I look at my page and I am asked to sign-in in Arabic. I mean, what's up with that?

(my mother's chandelier)

I have good news for everyone. We are finally moved into our old mokattam apartment from my mother's place. It's insanely dusty, the girls are coughing right and left, but we are content... well for the most part.
It's true that we are currently  still waiting for a working stove, so we could rest our guts from places like this one:
Yet we are thankful for the fact that we could eat meat outside. (it's quite tricky to find vegetarian options in Cairo. With the exception of koshary and ful)

The above part was good news for us. The good news for you is I actually found (stole) sometime to upload of photos to my computer. Hooray for that!

Unfortunately I realized I didn't capture any major Cairo scenes. (hmmn?) well, we actually still haven't gone sight seeing yet, since we are here to stay, we figured take care of business first and then act like tourists. My photos seem to be exactly the same like American photos... how did I manage? I do not know!

:: At a private sporting club near my mother's place (the girl's favorite spot in Cairo so far)
:: The girl's gave away most of their fries for little miss whiskers here. She was quite the character.
:: Fanoos Ramadan, or noos ra dan  a la Biba pronunciation.
:: Getting on the Egyptian highway to the other end of the city for an iftar (breaking fast meal) gathering.
:: Egyptian sunset in said gathering.
:: Exotic rides.
:: and finally a girl getting off her car ride.



Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy you settling time, can't wait to see more of Cairo pics throuh your eyes :) said...

As an Egyptian living abroad, I can only say that your photos make me miss home. In my opinions, Egyptians aren't slow. It just takes them a while to get around to doing the actual thing they can do quickly. Sigh.