Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What we've been up to...

...for the past two months, we've been re-adjusting to new (old) norms, dealing with homesickness for youngsters and grown ups, finding new (oh so loved!) pediatricians (my first born is a huge fan of our new pediatrician. why? well other than the fact that he rocks, he also and I quote "doesn't give shots mommy, only in Evanston they give shots, can I stay at his office the whole day. Mommy I love Dr. Hany!"... well, I think Dr. Hany has a new secret  admirer.
We've been driving every single day for hours upon hours in no-traffic-lights-land, the secret... MERGE PEOPLE, it surprisingly works!
Egyptians don't do well at intersections, so the Egyptian streets have been turned into one U-turn after the other (or rather we should call it the ME-turn according to a very witty little one.)

There's been tremendous progress, seriously. We had our very first hot shower this morning. YIPEE. The girls are both in pre-school (Mei is not very excited about school, too many changes I believe, Grabby is my mellow yellow, what can I say. She's chill this one)

We also have a working land line and we are still waiting at communications between the phone company and the internet company (the internet guy assured me that it could take from two day to 6 months... we're hopeful for something in between)
Meanwhile, we are enjoying indoor play:: giant cushions turned into playhouses, slides and what-have-you:: Resting on antique wooden benches in the streets:: Late fuluka cruises in the Nile::  and finally, huge masses of people roaming the streets.


FYI: all captures are by my old camera hence the not so great quality (I still feel conspicuous carrying my fancy camera. Like we don't grab enough attention already!) 

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Angie said...

We love to hear about your days, I can't wait to see your faces again!!