Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updates for family and everyone else...

... we are still here, only slower (internet) and dustier (country).
Things take their sweet time in Egypt, so we are still waiting for the good people at our local phone company to hook us up so we can give our business to one of our (hopefully) trusted internet companies, so THEY could hook us up. Till then, I check my email via my Blackberry (I so miss my iphone! but one shouldn't complain about owning a Blackberry, or so I keep telling myself) And we still have this strange USB (super slow and often time annoying) internet connection.

This week on the calender we have another electrician coming to fix what the first electrician pretended to fix.

Our brand new stove is getting it's oven checked by the stove company, because the oven doesn't work.

The cleaning lady (My youngest needs her room to get vacuumed and mopped at least every other day, also her AC filter needs to get cleaned every other day 'cause of her condition) I am looking forward to her.

Update driver's license. I am driving around with my old (expired 07) one!

 Couch? (we currently don't own one.
And last but not least I am hosting my brother's birthday at our place (I so wanted to bake him a cake, but we'll see what happens with the stove peeps, ey?)

I can't bring myself to take my camera for captures these days, hopefully the inspiration will come back soon.

Till then...



Another Anna said...

So happy you have your blog for updates! We are thinking of you guys-- Frances loves to look at Cairo on the globe, to see where you are. I don't know if she understands the concept of the globe, but she likes to talk about you guys! Love to all of you from all of us!

AX said...

love love love you

Rahma said...

I can't wait for your inspiration Nermzy--I stalk your blog all the time hoping for the smallest peek into your new (yet old) life in Egypt. Don't get the daily hardships get in the way of your talent please, you could enlighten so many people about those rays of barakah and beauty hiding in Cairo's chaos!