Thursday, September 2, 2010

A bumpy ride

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for your patience. I have no photos to share with you today (not because of the lack of photos, or subjects to capture... on the contrary, it's just a little bit too complicated right now) we are currently living out of suitcases (twelve to be exact, why all the luggage you ask? ... read on!) in Cairo/Egypt at my mother's place. We found out that our path shall take an extreme turn sometime early June I want to say... hence the strange scattered sentimental blog posts here and there for the past couple of months.

We are here (in Cairo/ Egypt, my homeland) to stay, until our path takes us to another adventure.

A few things to share::
 Jet Lag::

Jet lag = not fun
Jet lag with kids = extremely challenging
Jet lagged kids = Oh my goodness! (we are over this stage now, thank goodness)

The Holy Month of Ramadan::

We are currently in the last ten days of Ramadan. trying to get things done during this month is extremely challenging. Ramadan this year fell on summer months: long days+ soaring temperatures. In a place like Egypt this means weird working hours, so say you're trying to fix up a place to live at. tough luck, wait until Ramadan is over.

Transitions for little ones::

All of us are still adjusting (and re-adjusting) to Egyptian bugs and Egyptian food. We are hopeful that "this too shall pass."
Homesickness-- Mei is hit the hardest I think. She told me she misses trees! I mean Cairo is quite green for a city in the middle of the desert (God bless the Nile River) but we can't compete with the land of the great lakes. Palm trees anyone?

Language-- again Mei is trying and is not very happy about it. She picked up on people with an accent in English, so now she thinks she's speaking Arabic when she uses broken English or rather Engelesh! (she never fails to make me laugh this little one, even in times like these!)

Right now we are doing some more waiting... waiting to move to our place, waiting to settle, and waiting to start new routines.

I should tell you about driving in Egypt, but I figured it's so interesting, I might dedicate a whole post for it.

Till then...

Peace *wink*

(sorry for the awkward format today, can you tell we are all over the place? can you?)


Yasmine said...

miss son's observation after our last vacation there: "mama, people in Egypt don't have a word in Arabic for 'sandwich', so they call it 'sandawesh', right mama?" I almost fell on the floor from laughing...masry bardo, fahem welad el balad beyetkalemo ezay!!lol

Muslim Hippie said...

Yasmine, Kids are so smart and observant beings. We just forget and they always (ALWAYS) catch us off guard. Kiss your little angle for me:) Miss you!