Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wind wind go away I don't like you today...

 ...Was our Mantra for tonight. Read on...

Driving in the Egyptian streets on a Thursday night is equivalent to Saturday nights in the U.S. Only much worse.

The sun was just leaving the horizon and I realized that I had forgotten my regular glasses at home. Well, I'll get by, I mean my eye sight is really not that bad. I thought to myself... "Well think again!" responded the angry wind. SWOOOOOSHHHH... A massive cloud of dust picked up and another descended from the skies and I was engulfed in this strange cloud.

visibility = ZERO.

At this exact moment the street divides into a tunnel on the left, a bridge ramp on the right, and in the middle the street continues-- I wanted the middle. So I put on my hazards, glare my brights, drive super slow and saiy to my two girls at the back seats "make du'a for Mama... here we go". . . . . . . . .

"Show your self street, this mama needs to get her little ones home in one piece, oh God please"

"...oh look girls, the cloud is lifting a little. Where are we?"... SWERVE.

"GOODNESS, we just missed the island by inches" Alhamdulilah.

Five minutes later I get a major leg cramp,  I slowly park the car on the side of the road, right by a graveyard and I sit there for fifteen minutes massaging my legs and taking my breath.

We made it home in one piece, all praise to God.

We experienced an unseasonal dust storm that engulfed our car and all of Cairo tonight. The dust storm has completely cleared out (well by normal standards, there's always dust here) the wind is still swooshing away and I am sitting here blogging about this strange night and feeling grateful for little ones fast asleep in their beds.

the one funny thing in this whole night was when I was stuck in this traffic, and I was trying to make out if the traffic cop was a little person or a little boy. I eventually drive to where he was standing and see this EIGHT??? year old boy dressed in a traffic police uniform and directing the traffic. So I roll down my window and ask this "are you for real?" He waves me off...


I found a link for tonight's dust storm.

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