Wednesday, September 29, 2010

three days in

Mei has an interview for a new school tomorrow morning. The previous school she went to didn't work out. We had to deal with massive melt downs every single morning, plus driving to and back in rush hour in Cairo was just too exhausting. We ate junk food almost every single day. I had no time to cook, clean or just breath for that matter. Why am I doing this to myself (and everyone else)?

The idea of sending my girls to school was to find my sanity (the concept of babysitters is yet to come to Egypt, and Nannies cost a fortune, and they simply don't agree with our lifestyle.)

Homeschooling? Why in the world not?

We've been "officially" homeschooling for three days now... Remember this? Well my first born is completely if-you-will 'at home' with homeschooling. She and her sister LOVE it!

The girls are blossoming (despite the fact that they're still recovering from their gazillion's illness) I don't spray my house with toxic chemicals for cleaning and killing bugs, and we can avoid all the other microscopic bugs (not to mention the traffic) that schoolkids carry.

So why am I sending her to a new school interview tomorrow. Well, I feel like I don't want to deny her something that she might enjoy. My husband teaches at that same school. She could go with him on the school bus back and forth and they could even have their lunches together. Plus it's one of the best language schools in Egypt.

We had a conversation with Mei, and asked for her opinion. She would like to try out Baba's school but she still loves homeschooling she said. So we decided for a trial period, and if she's happy, then school it is. If not... she has choices. Which is a great thing to have in a place like this.

Also I arranged for a cleaning lady to come and clean for three hours every single day. (Trust me if you live in desert land you'll understand the need.) This gives us time to focus on what truly matters. I mean, who wants to vacuum and mop every single day, and with my youngest condition, we have no alternative.

Homeschooling :: Three days in

::cooking on painted cardboard stove
:: the play room
the doorman's kids come for daily visits for playtime with the girls (to all my Egyptian readers, yes they're super clean and lice free.)
:: mahshy making (stuffed cabbage leaves. YUM!)
 ::nature walks in our street (it's insanely dusty, can you tell? Also what's up with all the trucks?)
::running around in *a gated park next door
::our still very young nature table (we are hopeful)

So far I am loosely basing my homeschooling style on the Waldorf school. I follow my girl's interest, get them connected to their surroundings, have them help out in house chores when they show interest.

Mei is super interested in poop, so she now can differentiate between animal poop shapes and colors. And she has declared her choco puffs her goat poop treat. NICE!

 We are also learning about desert animals, Arabic and English alphabets and bones amongst day to day encounters.


*Most of neighborhood parks in Cairo are gated and empty-- to avoid having masses of people loitering and littering. (I don't see the bother with a park if one intends to fence it and keep it empty) Having two blond kids who speak English in our neighborhood opens park gates amongst other things. Ah my exotic girls. Thank you!


Hamid said...


wow i enjoyed seeing those nice pics.shukran for posting and sharing.

Shannon said...

how inspiring! tawfiq insha'Allah!