Friday, September 17, 2010

heart shaped waffles

 My mother's house always seemed to me like one big giant storage closet. The beds that we slept on growing up have two different storage compartments, which consist of six drawers and a giant gap under the bed's wooden planks (what do you call these?) for storage. Plus a giant closet construction from floor to ceiling surrounding the beds that hold, oh many, many things. We also have a villa in Alexandria that holds several auction bought items (my dad was a fan.)

Naturally when moving back, before buying anything I check with my mother first:

Hey mom, I want to buy a sewing machine.

Oh no need dear, I have a very good one from the eighties, it's with it's wrapping paper, I never sewed.

Then why do you have it?

Oh I really wanted to sew but never came around learning.
 So my mom gave me her brand new eighties Pfaff sewing machine... I have grand dreams, once I finish yelling at workers, employees and random people down the street (the last one I was just kidding) to show up or simply do their job right. hmph!

So while poking about the many, oh many drawers that I just told you about. I came across something interesting. Hey mom, you know what this is?
I'm not sure, your dad brought it home back from one of his travels. He never explained what it was, so it sat there.

Did it not come with a manual?

It was in German.

Looking closely it dawned on me "hey mom, you know what this is? It's a waffle iron! a heart shaped waffle iron" my mom's response was "what's a waffle iron?"
My mother doesn't know what waffles are, or maybe she recently tried one, but it just doesn't ring a bell.

Today, that waffle iron that sat there for years and years waiting for it's mystery to be solved, was used for the very first time-- to make a very special birthday boy his very special breakfast. And what better shape to serve some hot crunchy waffles than this?
 (recipe from here, but my next trial will be this one, I just need to plan ahead)

My mother is trying these next!

Have a lovely weekend!



Anonymous said...

that's the cutest waffles iron I've ever seen :)

Yasmine said...

I love the waffle iron..I was wondering how you got down to making waffles right miss you so much:)

Rahma said...

Your food and home life posts always give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, lol. I love how your mom didn't know what it was. bless :)