Monday, August 17, 2009

Red fox

I've been meaning to introduce you to a friend of Mei's for quite some time now::

His name is "Red Fox" and he's awesome! I mean he's like the coolest friend Mei has. He usually appears unannounced. And he never likes to come inside our house-- instead, he's quite content just sitting atop an old branchy tree in our yard-- you know just hanging out. Enjoying the sun. Carefree and all...

If you know him as well as I do, you'll know that he LOVES the rain. If it ever happens to rain ( and it often does- Hello, Chicago!), you can be certain that he'll show up- most definitely- right in the middle of our yard. With his umbrella-- splashing away.

We usually like to spy on him from behind our windows. But sometimes we can't resist. We put on our rain boots and join-in. I mean, how can you resist splashing in the rain with such an awesome creature.

If this is not enough coolness for you, you might want to know that he also wanders about, with a pet snake- a blue snake to be exact- you can't let those important details slip by you- if you know what I mean .*wink*

I only have one complaint though-- Red fox can't be seen except by Mei. So you see, this can be quite challenging at times for me, especially when I am forced to *sorry cross that* I mean want to, join in the fun and play along.

...yes, my sweet little girl has an imaginary friend, and I just love it! Quite frankly, I actually encourage it. When "Red Fox" doesn't visit for an extended time, I ask about him. Sometimes he comes, and sometimes we "allow him" to have his space.

Eventually, Red fox will appear. Again...

He still won't come inside. But we sure don't mind putting our rain boots on, and joining him outside. Rain or shine, baby!

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Sarah said...

That is just the coolest thing I've heard about your kid so far! Mashallah! I'm glad you encourage it, most parents would be freaked out and think their kid is hallucinating or something...

Kids are so cool.