Tuesday, August 25, 2009

one liner::

" There is no spoon"

Quote from" The Matrix" the movie.



Kate said...


And so funny that you've been watching the matrix, because my 10 year-old heard about it from someone at the beach and is bugging me like crazy to see what its rated...I watched it forever ago and can't remember...:)

UmmLayla said...

I love that line, I say it all the time to DH... He and I both like The Matrix. Don't you think it plays on that weird feeling that we all get from time to time like this life is a dream or something?

Muslim Hippie said...

Umm Layla- Exactly! this is exactly what I mean. It's my favorite quote. It reminds me of the prophetic saying that this "dunya" Life is like a tree on a travelers path. He/she stops to take shade and rest, and then continues on his path.

Kate- I don't know the rating but the first Matrix has a great message. And awesome fighting scenes- may I add -If your boy is into that sort of thing. I would watch it first to make sure. Sometimes I watch movies that are rated something but they feel to me completely improper for the age range they suggested. Maybe I'm being a stick in the mud. Oh well.