Monday, August 10, 2009



shall we look at some bread and bread dough photos today?... shall we?

Our favorite recipe at the moment, is a mix between white, whole wheat and rye flour. They call it the peasant loaf.



Kate said...

Ah! YUM! By the way, I bought the bread book because of to make time to open, read, and bake from it! That's a goal for the week:)

UmmLayla said...

Oh, I was thinking of trying that one but have been having trouble finding the rye... I will have to look for a bag next time I am shopping out of town and give it a try. Which will be soon because we are due for a Ramadan stock up trip anytime now!!! You know, the annual pilgrimage that all American Muslims make to a bulk store before Ramadan!LOL

littlehouse said...

I am here through a funny series of coincidences.. I am a reader of Kate's blog 'The Blankie Chronicles' blog, and saw you had made a comment after me on a post today. The funny part is that in a completely unrelated world we are also Flickr friends! I use my name there - Kate.Settle, and I think we are both fans of Shutter Sisters...
Small circles, even from the UK to the US!
Nice to see another side to your many talents, and read your stories here!

Muslim Hippie said...

Little house- How wonderful for our cyber-paths to cross that way. I AM! a fan of shutter sisters and I visit their blog often. But I also remember you from "a year of mornings" on flickr, which I have irreversibly slacked behind on. Welcome to this little space of mine, I'll hop over your little house in a minute. Great to have you here:)