Tuesday, August 4, 2009


She's gone... My sister- is gone. I'll see her again (God willing) in a year. I used to share a womb with her, and now I see her once a year. This is Life, right? *sigh*

So finding myself with only two little ones to care for, and an increasingly quite house. I decided to go for a stroll-- wherever my feet take us... Several blocks later-- Lake Michigan was staring us in the face. So we decided not to be rude and go and say hello.

( This is where the photo goes: of a massive body of water glistening in the sun, surrounded by flying seagulls and a big group of splashing geese)

As I've described this was an unplanned visit, so there were no buckets to be filled with water, no shovels or rakes to disturb the beach sand, and definitely no swimwear for all three of us.

( Here's where I show you my full length black skirt half submerged in water, and Mei and Grabby covered in sand, one in her undies and the other in a diaper, the one in a diaper of course has sand all around *and inside* her mouth-- good times!)

We definitely did not manage a low profile in a beach full of well prepared beach goers. Armored with their tanning oils, towels and yes swimwear.

Not only was I in my full attire, But ( incase you still don't know) I also wear a headscarf. Plus I have a very enthusiastic toddler, ready to wail and throw a fit come time to leave. Add to that scene a huge RED double stroller, that's IMPOSSIBLE to push back uphill in deep sand with two little people strapped in.

Did the girls get messy? Yes!
Did we make a scene? Yes!
Did we all have a FANTASTIC time? Most definitely!

So, for this brief time, I was sucked in the moment. I forgot to think about my sister and her sweet little family. Aboard a plane taking them further away, as time continues to do what it does best. Fly Away...



Robyn said...


Sarah said...

I was really touched when you said you guys shared a womb. I never thought about it that way. Wow, must be fun having a twin. Rabena yekhaliko le ba3d.

Muslim Hippie said...

It was a very nice afternoon, thank you Robyn.

Sarah- It's awesome having a twin, but it can really suck too... Mostly awesome though:-)

Anonymous said...

I miss you more
it's been very hard to adapt back to our routine here
all what my daughter says is the name of your youngest all the time..
we are missing you so much; hope to see you sooner