Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CSA :: Week... I don't know what- Lost count!

The real title for this post should be:: "how I remedied an explosive mood, with some basil, eggplant and homemade bread."

How it all began :: aka, the domino effect

Mei refused nap time today... nap time is what keeps mama sane in this house.
So since Mei didn't go down as planned; mama didn't get her mid-day break.
So Mei was grouchy for missing her nap; so mama got even more grouchy for dealing with a clingy, whinny Mei. So Mei pretty much freaked out for the rest of her waking hours, and so on and so forth...

Luckily today is a Wednesday-- which translates in my dictionary to CSA DAY!

My hero, brought the CSA box around 8:00 pm. As soon as we were done with bedtime routine, I found my face buried in the box. The first thing that came out was a giant eggplant- intruiging- I thought. A bunch of basil followed- I stuck my nose right in them and took a deep whiff (and release). I immediately glanced at our kitchen-island and saw that we still had half a loaf of bread from this morning ( woohoo!). That was it for me-- the last meal I had was 8 hours ago. Naturally, I didn't feel like a big production.
So without clearing or cleaning anything in the kitchen, I pealed and cut two garlic cloves, chopped a cup of basil, threw both in the mixer-- then threw in more things: walnuts, olive oil and Parmesan. I sliced a tomato, the bread and the eggplant. The bread went in the toaster-- The eggplant danced in a pan with some coconut oil-- The tomatoes waited patiently.

In the end everything went on top of the other. If you fancy yourself some quick, simple and a mood changing dinner- start with the above then do as follows::

Spread your pesto paste on the toasted bread( I got the pesto recipe from here and changed the quantities to make a small batch, then improvised the rest.) Top it with your jolly, dancing eggplant slice(s). Sprinkle with salt and pepper. And finally top with your very patient tomato(s).


* Save for a dark mood
**Use the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on-- Other wise this concoction won't be worth the thunderstorm forming above your head!

I see rainbows ( cheese Louise!)

Annnnd Peace!


Kate said...

that. sounds. amazing!

I totally hear you on those no-nap days....I'm about to lock myself in the bathroom and never, ever come out at around 6 p.m. when Lizzie refuses to nap....and those are always the days that I (think) I ate breakfast, but nothing else. So, so, so going to remember this one:)

littlehouse said...

Too much cranky and crazy around here at the moment too... Nice to share some solidarity with you :)

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