Thursday, August 20, 2009

Greetings from Canada!

It's true-- We hit the road again with the girls. This was such an unplanned, unexpected early Canada visit. I arrived yesterday to my sisters place, and plan on staying for some time. So as usual with these sort of arrangements my posts are going to be sporadic ( or maybe not, who knows?)

Why am I in Canada? Well long story-short: my sister is due very, very soon. And in-case you're confused about how casually I drop the sister excuse. You might want to know that I have three of them. Plus me-- makes four... plus more, from the other gender. So there's always a sister ( or a brother) around the corner to be helped or visited, or, or... you get the idea.

So Canada welcomed us today-- in the strongest way possible-- Twister style to be exact!
My sister lives on the twenty first floor of one of those fancy high-rise buildings, near Toronto. As we were having dinner-- We were greeted by a vertical wave of serious showers. In no time the rain switched angles and was whooping our windows horizontally. The elevated view that we had- started blinking with blinding flashes of lightening and veins that split the skies in half. The background sound complemented the scene perfectly. Thunder booms synchronized with the flashes and the whooping rain racing and knocking against our windows. The living room lights flickered in awe with this majestic spectacle. It was a scene from a movie. Complete with crashing trees at the end of our street and all.

At first I thought, what I'm seeing was magnified because of how high we were. I mean I've sure witnessed my share of thunderstorms in Madison WI and Chicago. But this-- I must say was all new to my eyes.

We were experiencing- what was revealed to be, one of the worst tornado storms this part of the country has experienced in years. The tornado(s) was only three hours away from us. The amusing part is-- I was just telling my sister how my scariest experience of strange weather when moving to America, was listening to tornado watch sirens, back when I lived in WI. And that's the one thing that I still can't ( won't) get used to.

I- for obvious reasons have no photos to share. We were all pretty much frozen in front of our windows. holding our babies along with our breaths.

You can see photage here and here, and follow the story here.

Also, yet unrelated-- Ramadan Mubarak everyone!


*Edit:: I just found out the twister was actually closer than I thought. It was just half an hour away.


Sarah said...

Wow, you got some pretty exciting things happening over there. Tornados and thunder storms and rain. In Cairo it's just the same ol' heat after the next. Lucky you, when you blog about the weather it's actually interesting!

Kate said...

Whoa-- I was biting my nails while reading-- and my palms are still sweating at the thought of being up that high (enclosed in an apartment or not) while such a storm raged! A big Canadian welcome indeed!

Have a lovely visit with your sister:)

Muslim Hippie said...

Sarah- It sounds really cool, but in reality-- It is one of the scariest things ever. It is dangerous, random and nerve recking. May God protect us all.

Kate- Thank you!