Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

I was going to blog about my banana bread recipe today, but for reasons I won't disclose I need one of these posts again.

So here are a few of my favorite things at the moment::

Sleeping ( I don't get much of it) I seriously haven't had uninterrupted sleep ( As in I wake up every two hours) since the end of 2006. I sleep for a total of 6 hours ( and thats on a good day)

Made up language conversations with Toddler girl ( Her blog name is going to be Mei. Thank you Saritta for your input, read her comment) One time we went for up to half an hour!

Sleeping ( oh I said that already, well, it never hurts to say it again)

Sewing with my new sewing machine, I'm currently working on something. I might share once I'm done. I'm out of thread at the moment so god know how long that'll take to be re-stocked!

Graby's complete lack of interest in crawling, and complete enthusiasm in walking ( I hold her from under her armpit and she goes for it... for the record I am going to eat her toes, starting with her webbed ones. Too cute!)

Graby's love for her vocal chords... she'll be a singer this one. She goes like this: AAAAAAAAA... OOOOOOO... MMMMMMM... AAAAAAAAAA... AAAOOOOOOO... GGHHHHHHH... and for a nice finale EEEEEEEEEEK *shattered glass everyhwere*. ( I didn't say she'll be a good singer!)



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