Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scenes from our weekend::

I've been slightly (insanely) freaking out about Graby's Aqiqa party.
I guess I forgot to mention on this space that we are hosting this Thursday (Yikes!) an Aqiqa party( Slaughtering an animal in sacrifice for a new born.Cooking it. Then sharing it with loved ones and those in need) for my relatively new born.

Soooooo...This weekend has been all about that. Shopping. Shopping. And some craft time for Toddler girl and for the party.

The puppets are made from this foamy paper I bought ages ago and never used. I drew whatever my toddler told me( yes,that's Totoro... Obsession!). Then cut the shapes, and glued them on a stick (can't get simpler than that! The bee's wings didn't make it in the final cut!)

The Party banner is made from the same foamy paper on hand. The Arabic letters I had from before( purchased at Devon). They were never used due to poor quality. I'm glad I didn't get rid of them. They worked great for the banner. The two sheep on the side are hand drawn by moi, then cut and glued. The whole thing is held together by free-cycled ribbon as you can see in the photo.

Also sharing some things I enjoyed this weekend::

Tulips. They make me smile.

Dinner in new pottery.(I know there's still light out. Crazy Americans have their dinners at 6:00pm:) What can I say!)

Annnnd...Late dinner in-front of a camp fire in our yard( we waited till both babies were down for the night. And, yes we had the monitor with us) One of my hubby's many great ideas.

Anything you lovelies care to share from your weekend? ( I guess the boys won't share anything now! It's OK, boys can be lovelies too!)



Farida said...

i love the 3aqiqa decoration and the outdoor fireplace:)

UmmLayla said...

I love it!!! We have an outdoor fireplace that DH loves in the summer. We like to sit out and have tea around it in the summer.

Had to laugh at the dinner thing, I make dinner at about 4pm, so I know what you are talking about!LOL

Muslim Hippie said...

Farida- Yea I think anyone who has a yard should totally get one of those outdoor fire places.

Umm Layla- I'm so happy to see you Here! Yea, My husband is a true Midwesterner (from WI) So dinner at six it is! How does your Egyptian Husband feel about early dinners?

UmmLayla said...

Well, DH thinks of it more like a late lunch!LOL He always ate the biggest meal around 3 growing up... So eating when the kids come home is more him than me, I ate at 5 sharp every day as a kid!

Overall our schedule is strange because DH works nights too... So I'm sure we would eat later if he had normal work hours.