Monday, April 20, 2009

A year of mornings::36/365

A couple of days back we were blessed with lovely weather. So of course I snatched the chance and strapped the girls in the double stroller, and off we went. This photo was taken on my way back home. I looked up and that's what I saw.
You can check the rest of my mornings if you click on the photo. It should take you to my flickr photo stream.


On a different note. Have you been checking my changing list of Awesome-ness side bar. If you haven't check out "her morning elegance", my favorite music video yet. I love the way they shot it in stop motion. Different than any stop motion I've seen. My favorite part is when she falls and dives into the water. The song is lovely too.


This part is added:

I just noticed I blogged twice today. Hmm.
I get confused when I blog in the day time, 'cause I usually don't have time to blog during the day. so how about you read that post tomorrow... Cool!


Taliba said...

Masha'Allah hippie lady, your pictures get better all the time. I love the one with the lion head and the one with the bluish cup on the table. Can't wait to hang out in M :)

Muslim Hippie said...

which one is the one with the lion's head?! I wonder how many people will check my photo-stream now if they read this comment? I can't wait either!