Monday, April 27, 2009

In which I get more time than I can handle::

This afternoon, both Graby and Mei went down for their nap at the same time. And the nap lasted for three sweet hours. What did I do with all this time. Well, I completely and utterly freaked out. I was so overwhelmed with all what I could do and all that needs to be done that I just froze!
I started to get up to do the dishes but then I remembered the piles of laundry so while heading in that direction I thought about dinner, so I figured dinner is important. But I could blog, or finish this sewing project I started about a week ago, or maybe I could even dare dream about reading a little. I could clean the house, or jump in the shower... What would you have done if you were me?

I froze for a good half an hour completely freaked out. Then I slapped my self ( not really, I'm not one of those people or am I?*raising my eyebrows up and down*)
Then I did a little bit of everything delete reading and sewing from the above list and left blogging till right now( 8:30PM).

So since you've all been kind enough to read the last three paragraphs, why don't you tag along for some scenes from our weekend::

An early breakfast at the yard, with the hope to read::Rainbow after a wet cloud passing by( after the rainbow disappeared Graby kept calling after it to come back!)::A cook out ( Kofta!Yumm!)::Rainy day Alpaca festival in Madison WI( Alpaca's are the sweetest thing, they hum!)::the softest Alpaca yarn ever!::Winnie the Pooh awesome pop-up book( I love pop-ups)::And last but not least, a photo worthy gas station sign on our way back from Madison. (It reads: Frog Parking only, all others TOAD!) yea I'm silly that way, I enjoy stuff like that.
Have a good one!

Annd peace!


saritta202 said...

kofta mashweya

Muslim Hippie said...

Best kofta ever. Mix ground beef with minced cilantro or parsley. One chopped onion, an egg, with some salt pepper,cinnamon and dab of soy sauce. And you're ready to go!

Taliba said...

Aw, the lama-like creatures look so cute! I hope they were more mu'addab than the only real lama I ever came close to. I was a little kid and really excited that I could pet one in the safari section of the zoo. And guess what? It spat me in the face--no kidding!

Muslim Hippie said...

yea these ones spit too, and kick, but they only do that when they're scared or upset. They're one of the most peaceful creatures ever! They really hum!We hummed back for a while and they respond. And Geddo petted one and it grimaced as if smiling, I also said goodbye to them and could've sworn if I did speak Alpaca language that they said goodbye back!

Robyn said...

Oh how I can relate to the having too much time bit. And for me, either a lot gets done in so-so fashion or one thing gets done well. There are even some days when I get stuck on the computer and nothing gets done. :0)

Look at Pooh and Eyore. :-) And that sign is great!