Thursday, April 16, 2009

National Library Week

Because of my baby's nose condition, which is slowly but surely clearing out, now when she sleeps she purrs like a cat. Too cute!

Today's post isn't about that though. No, don't worry I already told you that story!

Let's try again...

Tuesdays are our mommy toddler library day. It's the official story time day at our neighborhood library. So, weather permitting, we walk to our public library. If not, the train it is! ( my toddler girl calls it the cat bus. MEOW! yes, she meows all the way from our stop to the library's stop! Speak of keeping a low profile. Well the head scarf doesn't help either. Oh well, celebrity life here I come!)

Today, however is not a Tuesday, as all you grownups might have noticed (hopefully!) ... But she doesn't know that(shh, it's a secret!)
No, really the weather was nice, so I figured a nice stroll to the library doesn't harm any one ( did I mention how much I love our Public Library. I also honestly think Librarians are real life super heroes. Why, you might ask? Well, they're just like Superman, they're both nerd-y and cool at the same time. Also they get excited when checking out a book like this one. I love librarians. I said that already didn't I?)

So, apparently this week is National Library Week. So in addition to playing with all the cool stuffed animals, drawing with crayons and reading cool books. We also got to have cookies( toddler girl could've finished the whole tray, but luckily mommy meddled and saved some for other patrons)Annnd, free book markers. I was so tempted to get more than just the one, but eventually did the right thing. I chose the coolest one though, don't you agree? ( I always need book markers. I tend to read five books at the same time, and mark my pages with torn pieces of paper or old receipts. And yes, you noticed right. The book mark is already bent, I have a two year old, what can I say?)

So in celebration of this special occasion, I am naming 5 things I love about our Public Library:: ( you can play too if you want)

1. Story time rules ( you get to watch grown up sing and dance and make complete idiots out of themselves. I'm pretty much talking about myself here. Good times! Really)

2. Our awesome library bags( shown in the photo) I only found it at our neighborhood small branch. They make themed bags, including about 7 to 8 books of the same theme, and they include one Dvd. This time we got the family themed bag. ( they: meaning our wonderful librarians)

3. I don't need to buy books unless necessary. I even find new-ish sewing books like this one. And I also found one of my all time favorite movies at our local branch too ( the opening credit song really makes me smile!)

4. librarians( what's not to like) But I particularly love our small branch's librarians, they know everyone by name. Even the homeless people that come by. ( They also know my name, and I have a weird name for Americans)

5. How libraries represent a harmonious social system that actually works! Everyone from the patrons that return the books, the librarians that maintain the library, the janitor that keeps it clean, and the government that gives it money ( even if it's not enough money, it still works!) Wonderful. Also I can't see a greener building( not a physical building, I can't quite put my hand on the word I want to use, suggestion?) than a library.

(FYI: for some bizzarre reason my spell check stopped working, hence all the spelling mistakes!) I spelled Bizzarre wrong didn't I?



Yasmine said...

not as wrong as you thought, just drop a Z!miss ya

Muslim Hippie said...

Thanks Yasmine for the free spell check. miss you too!

Robyn said...

I do think the fact that the library works so well should give hope that other agencies and such could work just as effectively. I, sadly, am one of those patrons who holds onto a book for entirely too long. I want so much to read, but can't always find the time and I don't want to return the book in the middle of reading it. The library might like me because of all the fines I pay. :0)