Monday, April 20, 2009

New skirt::

I've been meaning to blog about the skirt I made in my beginners sewing class for some time now. I was waiting till I hand hemmed it. And I just managed to finish that last night. This morning I added a swirly embroidered thread in to break the color a bit. It's too Grey! And I won't lie to you, I did choose a cheapo fabric to start with. I didn't think a first skirt was going to turn out that good, but it did. In retrospect, now I wish I had invested a bit more in the fabric...Oh well!

Lot's of photos for details ( yes I am very proud, and no I won't be able to recreate a skirt like that again. I need to take that class again!)

I chose a red zipper 'cause a Grey zipper is... BORING!

The skirt is an A-line skirt copied from a pattern. It's nice and snug from the top. The cut would show better if I modeled it for you, but for obvious reasons, I couldn't do that! ( If you need more hints re-read my blog name...Annd, we're clear!)



Farida said...

Wow i'm impressed!! Masha'Allah shatoora!!

Anonymous said...

It's GORGEOUS! How cool that you took a sewing class to go with your new machine! Now you are unstoppable. I'm so impressed. Zippers have always been so intimidating to me!


Yasmine said...

I love wardrobe needs a change so I wouldn't mind a skirt...just saying:):)

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you girls:)
Farida- mommy of twins, we're the ones who should be impressed...really!

Yasmine- I can make you a tote bag, lets wait on the skirts for now.. okay!

Anna- You're too kind! I actually took that class last January. The skirt was neatly folded in my dresser until I remembered it last night. So I actually got the machine to go with the class:) And yes zippers scare me too...A LOT!

Robyn said...

you're funny. :0) I love how it turned out. And the zipper and stitched circle are great!

saritta202 said...

I love the red decoration. Grey is a boring color I agree. I'm glad you added a touch of red.

I think the skirt is nice. It wearable. The first (and last) skirt I made for practice was a frenzy of colors in a hideous flower print. It was so ugly I don't know where it is anymore. Maybe was given away to charity?

Your toddler is so funny.. hehehe (The Cat Bus) Your brother loves that bus too!

Muslim Hippie said...

Saritta- I didn't know you sew? When did this come about? Good for you girl! Yea the skirt needs to be taken in quite a bit, I took the class right after I had Graby and I lost A lot of weight. So I can't wear it just yet!

saritta202 said...

I don't actually sew. I'm still learning. So far I do everything but the sewing machine part. I still can't figure it out.That skirt I did was entirely sewn by hand.

Oh I just remembered. I did a kitchen apron too. I also did a lot of embroidery growing up. My mom believed that girls should learn to sew and play the piano, and boys should learn how to ride horses.