Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Every one in our quarters either has the sniffles or a sore throat at the moment. Add some coughs, sneezes, throw ups...etc (fun times!). For now Mama bear is the only survivor Alhamdulilah (all praise to God). Those maternal anti-bodies are working their charm I suppose MashaAllah! ( God is the protector)

With all that said, I haven't been sleeping for the past three nights. I am a little to blame*shy face* ( I go to bed every night around 1 am since the machine arrived!)
But seriously, the girls noses are like water fountains during the day... You know what that means during the night?...Yup. Clogged like a cork in a bottle. Resulting of course in mama bear sitting up all night propping up the baby's head so she'll stop crying and go to sleep.

Last night however something happened. I think I started hallucinating! ( three sleepless nights... Go figure)

How it Happened::

Toddler girl had one of those scary coughs( you know, the one where you scratch your throat coughing while sounding like a barking dog) So I honestly thought there's some weird animal in My toddlers bedroom. I even started seeing the animal through the door ( super mama!).
I wanted to jump and save my girl. But I seriously froze. I yelled "don't worry, Mommy is coming".
The result: waking one more baby up for the night!

I yelled at the top of my lungs for my husband, whose been sleeping in the downstairs bedroom for the past two nights. Opting for some uninterrupted sleep( Ha!)
He came running to the rescue.

Yes Last night I woke up every single soul in the house (bugs and spiders included!) and no one went back to sleep... Sorry!


Robyn said...

Insha'Allah you all get to feeling better. I am guilty of the staying up too late bit most nights.

Farida said...

you're sooo funny begad! salametko koloko!

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you for the well wishes everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! supermama, miss talking to you, try to get some sleep
love you

Muslim Hippie said...

Anonymous, I've been asking every soul I know if they left this comment and haven't gotten lucky yet? If you miss talking to me, call. No? Thanks for the good words though:)