Sunday, January 23, 2011

A video for you!

 I've been playing with editing some family videos recently. I made a faceless one to share here. The video is scenes of special moments from our lives.

Without further a due ::

Feedback appreciated.



little moments said...

loved it...such a great idea to do a faceless one as well focus on the moments rather than yourselfs...although Im sure youve got loads of wonderful personal ones....wich editing programme and camera did you tempted to try it out myself...THANKS FOR SHARING

Muslim Hippie said...

LM, Thanks for your kind words.

To answer your questions, I don't use a particular Camera, any Camera will do. The video you just watched was taken with different Cameras (an iPhone camera, a digital camera and a Nikon D90)
The program I used is iMovie 09. It's beyond wonderful and so user friendly.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! We loved it!

-Anna and Frances

AX said...


Subul said...

Loved it Nermine! You're capturing such wonderful memories for the girls, they'll love you for it when they get older. (:

dorinalouise said...

what a lovely film. one can feel the beauty of your family. my favorite moment is of the two little ones in the fountain together.

thinking of you all in cairo. we look forward to when you can blog again.

many blessings to you.