Sunday, January 9, 2011

twice the cheat

I started this post about four hours ago. It originally contained a story about lemons, cookies and sugar cravings. Since then I ate two oranges and felt just swell. So I won't be sharing the sugar craving story no more. For that, you should be thanking the oranges, or go and eat one. Although I am not quite sure if this will count as gratitude for the oranges. (Yup, this one is going under late night ramblings alright!)


I've been cheating. I admit it.

Word has it that some family member on my facebook leaked to another family member who is not on facebook that I've been sharing Portugal photos on my wall. Well, it's true.
You see on facebook, I don't need to scratch my noggin and think about something amusing to say. I just post photos, get a bunch of likes and a bunch of comments with no sweat at all. Instant gratification! *whispering*and I just shared over one hundred photos, shhhhhhhh!

Here, I have to face my bad grammar, my demented spell check,who won't correct 'ate' to 'at' because they both exist in his dictionary.

You get it right?

So here I am cheating again, and pretending that this is a good enough post that qualifies me and you to have a look at a few (more like twenty) selected Portugal photos.

 Horta Da Cotada & Monsaraz ::


Lisbon :: Tile Museum


 Best Cupcake in the world!

Pastaz Denata (wrong spelling I know!) You can't possibly get enough of these traditional Portuguese treats!

Portugal/Spain Boarder ::

Apologies if you're on my FB and just had enough of photo bombardment.



Anonymous said...

I am very happy that you have shared your photos with this stranger via your blog.Thanks.
they are lovely.
Sarah in NJ

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you!