Friday, January 7, 2011

The Post Portugal Post

 We retrieved three of our lost luggage. Huzzah! two more to go, keep the dua's/good energy flowing people, it's working. My night guard is still in one of the two missing bags (I tried getting an otc night guard, but they don't carry it in Egypt)

For some unknown reason which is currently (supposedly) getting investigated by our network providers, our fast internet stopped being fast. Actually it just stopped period. So it's back to Mr. slow-mo USB hookup. And I did manage to download some Portugal photos, but I need my beauty sleep. One photo is enough. Also I couldn't edit and shrink 700 photos so the files are insanely huge (but the quality is superb if you click on it). Sorry about that!

We are still re-adjusting to Cairo. Grabby looks at the skies and warns us of rain. Which is a rarity in  Cairo. But hey, after a week of Portugal rain, she's on the lookout.

Other than being welcomed by luggage loss, Cairo greeted us with a mild dust storm on the way home. It Kept Mei amused and gave her something to talk about (which she doesn't really need) for the rest of our trip back to our apartment. It was both entertaining and headache inducing at the same time(sorry love).


Mama finally made bread.

Grabby ate brown colored chalk. It was smudged on her lips, hands, and clothes. I thought it was something else!

was Grabby's second day of dropping mid-day nap-time. Mama is alarmed!


an eight-year-old boy followed Mei around (at the gated playground aka nady), hugging her and holding her hands and telling her that he loved her and asked her if she loved him too. No, it wasn't the cute kind, more like the creepy kind. No, I am not over-reacting, I was there you weren't. I thought I had to wait several years before this. Mama is alarmed!

Right now:

I have two suitcases worth of laundry that I am actually grateful for.

Have a good weekend!


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