Tuesday, January 18, 2011



(warning, some of the links have disturbing images)

Have you been following the middle eastern news lately? Don't. It's quite crazy. It all started with that horrendous church bombing and continued going down slope. 
Tunisia, is on my friends facebook statuses a lot. Egyptians (and other Arab countries) are inspired. In fact, so far three Egyptians set themselves on fire. the situation is quite grim over here. Also a little scary.
There's going to be a huge protest on the 25th this month. I am praying for something civilized for a change. That's it for my unusual political update. I am not fond of talking politics on this space. But, I am a little worried something big is brewing. May God protect us and this country.


It's been raining hard every single day for the past (hmn) four days?
We even witnessed glorious, continuous hail for thirty minutes straight. It was crazy fun. In Arabic hail, and snow have the same word. So Mei's Arabic teacher (we were at her Arabic lesson at the time) placed her on a high chair next the window to watch the rare snow. 
 "Mommy, look, Egyptian snow looks different!"
 "that's because, it's hailing love *smile*"

The clouds were wonderful, and I truly wished I had my Camera to capture Cairo's rare weather. I didn't. I had my phone. I clicked as I drove-- the streets were frozen from all the flooding anyway. It was a good day.

I pray it continues to rain, until all the fire is out.


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