Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cairo streets Do's and Don't

 a typical traffic sight. here's a fun game-- can you tell who has the right of way?


Turn on your car light starting at dusk time. No, it doesn't save you gas if you keep them off, it will probably save your life (and others).

Put on your hazards if you're doing something hazardous. Parking by the side of an exit on a highway counts!

Set up your fruit stand right next to a giant speed bump. Brilliant.

Walk to the next speed bump, to cross the street. Chances are, cars will stop or slow down for said speed bump, and then notice you.

Wear bright colors if you intend to walk or cross the streets at night. A lot of the streets are not equipped with street lights and if they are, chances are they're not working. I advised a Niqabi (face-covering woman) friend of mine to wear one of those reflective-cop-arm-band-thingy around her arms. Or better yet, walk with a flag. No you are not visible-- black backgrounds usually merge with dark colors.

Stop for school kids/ elderly/ Women trying to cross the street. it's the least you could do.

Take your right if possible or yield to the Ambulance. Amdist the honking and yelling of other cars, you'll still feel good about yourself.

Paint you Vespa scooter pink and decorate it with cute hearts. Chances are you'll make a couple of young girls very happy.


Stop in the middle of the bridge to find/change your tunes. Being a teenager doesn't exclude you from universal laws of conduct.

Run across the highway to get to the other side. Walking the extra 500 meters to the pedestrian bridge will probably save your life. Also doing it in groups of ten doesn't lessen your chance of getting hit. It only rises the chances of lives at stake.

Cross the street in a slope, cars take longer to notice/stop in time.

Flash your brights at the car in front of you. Chances are there's another car in front of them and they can't go any faster or give way. They are also secretly hating you and wishing you were dead. (Not a very nice thing to cultivate in the hearts of human beings, we end up acting more and more like animals *no offense animals!* )

Honk you horn every minute. Even though it's amusing for you. It is probably driving someone nuts driving that same route you're taking.

Yell at other drivers. waving hands is more than sufficient and just as annoying.

Drive... if you can help it.

Can you tell I spent most of today in Cairo streets?

Fun times!



Jennifer said...

Essalam Alaikum, Nice post, funny! Maybe your city is the cousin of my city! LOL You have a nice blog, Masha'allah, I wish I could *follow* it, please add a link for following. Jazakallahu Khair

Muslim Hippie said...

Wa alaykum al salam,
Thank you, it was just me getting Cairo streets out of my system. I think it worked:)

There's a 'follow' word/button that you can click at, written a bit on the smallish side- on the top left hand-side of your screen.
Leave me another comment if you still can't locate it:)