Friday, January 14, 2011

Smells like rain

"Mommy don't send me to time out. I don't like to be sent in the room by myself." protested Mei.

"Well how do you suggest we go about teaching you, when you do something wrong." I inquired

"Mommy, when I do something wrong, you can always hug me, and tell me the right thing to do" Reasoned Mei.

Now, why didn't I think of that? and what a wise little one I have. 


It rained today. And it's news here when it rains. It's even bigger news when the rain lasts for over an hour. Mei announced that it's raining cats and dogs, upon hearing the heavy droplets pour down on our balcony awning. Indeed. It even thundered and veins of lightening forked the skies in my mother's neighborhood in Misr el Gedida.

No one declared it to be judgment day yet-- as is the case when something like a thunderstorm mistakenly passes through the Egyptian skies. But, Cairo streets froze nonetheless. Over an hour of heavy rain, means massive floods everywhere. We were happily tucked indoors, still recovering from a mild cold. Perfect timing.

Also, perfect for baking banana chocolate chip muffins, and finally cooking the duck we had in our fridge for two days. (never tried duck before? now is a good time, they're making a massive comeback in the U.S. {they've always been big here} ) I like my duck thoroughly cooked so I boiled mine and then cut it into quarters and removed the awkward bones sticking out. Then fried it in it's reserved fat until the skin turned golden and crunchy. sliced and served... Perfection.
You won't be witnessing what I just declared, for I have no photos to show for. Also no patience plus no fast internet. You'll just have to trust me!


In other news: we retrieved our double stroller. One more bag to go (it's the one that has my much needed night guard)
My mother is in town for a very brief period. I'll take it.
And I started using our exercise machine for ten minutes/day. Not great but it's a start, eh.

Happy friday everyone!


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AX said...

I love her parenting suggestion! i love her. So glad to hear about your day,