Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here is my famous desperation post... Ten things I am loving right now! (I beg of you)::

1. Homeschooling my babes.

2. Dress up time that entails monsters, feet, and feathers.
3. Cloth diapered bums! (Yes, I started again. We don't have chlorine free diapers here.)
4. Thought bubbles, and family photos.

5. Significant others who try so hard.(Thank you!)

6. My youngest love for sticking herself inside anything and everything.

7. Baking and oh all the mess that I spared you from (Mei helped with rolling the dough) It's apple pie in case you're curious.

8. Old doors and walls. Oh yes!

9. Palm trees. They're everywhere.

10. This new fascinating world. oh my!


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