Sunday, October 24, 2010

five years ago VS now

Five years ago:

I was viewed as the weirdo who married a foreigner.

was able to articulate myself in Arabic fluently without sounding like a five year old.

Had lots of child free friends whom I hung out with on regular basis.

Saw my mother and my brother at least three times a week.

Hosted (and cooked) dinner invitations for at least 15 people if not more, about at least once a week if not more.

Talked on the phone over three hours every. single. day?!!

Didn't sew, make my own cleaning supplies, or even dreamed of making my own bread.

No kiddos


I am viewed as the weirdo foreigner (and if I counter argue my Egyptianness, I receive a dismissive smile)

I catch myself translating my thoughts to Arabic, and when it comes out I do sound like a five year old.

Most of my friends moved to different countries or far away suburbs, and all of them have kids and are insanely busy. I might see a friend once a month.

My mother is usually either out of town or out of the country. My brother just moved to a different country (Like the rest of us, and he told me before he left that I sound like a non-native speaker)

In the rare occasion of entertaining, I invite two couple max.

Hardly talk on the phone.

Know how to sew, make my own cleaning supplies, know how to make bread, and dream about finding time to make more of all of that.

Yes two wonderful, fascinating, beautiful, kiddos.

How are you today from five years back?



Rahma said...

5 years ago:

I was the weird foreigner married to an Egyptian who made her eat full bi-zet 7arr from bee2a places and taught her to speak Masri like a man.

Today I am the weird foreigner who looks like she's from God knows where and speaks with an indeterminate accent. Every now and then, when I have time, I eat.

and 5 yrs ago,

I was blessed to live in the same city as a wonderful woman now known as Muslim Hippie, whom I got to see on almost a weekly basis at one of the many socials she hosted :-)

Today I miss her very much and make du`a every day that she comes back to be the weird foreigner with the hijab who miraculously has no accent.

Muslim Hippie said...

My dear friend, I miss you so much. I miss your conversations, your insights and your smile. You are a true gem.
How about a detour far far south:)