Sunday, October 10, 2010

Settling in & The Amazing Bread Delivery Guy

The sewing machine hummed for about half an hour yesterday-- the results... Nada. I need to google the instructions, My mother's machine seems a little bit trickier than what I am used to. I am hopeful... also My eldest and I already cut and pinned a simple stuffy to try out. The internet is crazy slow and we still have no news from people in charge of such things. Lets all join our hands in supplication. Amin.

I can also tell I am settling in because I started making my own apple sauce, pizza sauce,  pie crust and I've been making my own cleaning products since we've moved to our place in Mokkattam (It's pretty much vinegar, water and for wood, olive oil-- nothing fancy) It's always a good sign when I start making my own things. I also found out where the vegetables were hiding at the grocery store (Egypt was short in Veggies for the past two months) I also discovered local asparagus! the cleaning lady refused to try it. But I assure you I shall not give up-- cleaning lady must. try. asparagus.
She tried brown rice though (Egyptians eat short grain white rice) and Liked it, she said it tastes like wheat-- I completely agree with her.

These guys ride all over the place, they're pretty awesome. It's also not a rare sight to see a bicycle lying in the middle of the road with bread scattered everywhere. Talk about on job hazards!  (the behind the scenes of this photo is pretty funny. My patient hubby parked the car several times to capture the bicycle guy whizzing through traffic. I have some funny outtakes. The one you see is what made it in the final cut)

This is all I have for you today.

Happy Sunday!


Crazy date today (10 10 10 )

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