Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slow connection...

I've been wanting to blog for the past three days, only our USB connection is insanely slow. Sleep or blog? Hmn...

This last post (fall colors) took TWO whole hours to upload the photos alone. (I hope you liked it!)

So for obvious reasons, I will not share photos with you today, but, but you should know that I started sewing again (and I have something to show you once our connection shapes up) and I've been cooking like a mad woman. Also we discovered a new super close sporting club (similar to Canadian community centers, only you must be a member, which luckily I am) It's abandoned by Egyptian standards ('cause it's out in the middle of nowhere) which makes it just right for us. Mei absolutely loves it (they have a trampoline!!)
Grabby's second birthday is coming up and I need to make her another birthday crown (I forgot her first one is the U.S) and some birthday decorations. I also want to sew her a doll or pants or both, and, and make her birthday cake and party treats. I am an ambitious woman I know. We'll see.

We are currently in watch mode for an approaching dust storm. Rumor has it, it should hit Cairo tomorrow morning or even tonight. Please keep us and my youngest in your prayers/thoughts, I don't want her chest to close up again.

Enjoy the rest of your week *smile*

...annnnnnd peace!


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