Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grabby's animal birthday party

 Time is indeed a strange creature. It passes and passes and makes things irreversibly change. Grabby was born in the water. A calm baby, who surprised the midwives by her stretched out limbs as opposed to the usual frog-like newborn form. She loves climbing, dancing, singing and copying her older sister. She's my little independent monkey. She refuses to get fed by me, so she usually gets bathed (or hosed down) almost after every meal. She loves bubble baths, and she'll follow me around our place with a book in hand anytime any day. She LOVES Dora the explorer and if I let her, she can sit and watch it for hours upon hours. She's also a big huger, and if you ask her for a kiss she'll never turn you down.
Yesterday my little sunshine turned two, we've been in need of some festivities around our little nook, so mama seized the chance and went all out, preparing for the party a week ahead. The girls helped with making the paper mashe' masks (Mei thought it was messy, but then learned to embrace the mess) we then painted the masks in different colors and mama gave them the animal features.

They were well played with and everyone was happy to take one back home with them.

I also made a crown for Grabby 'cause, I wasn't smart enough to remember to bring hers from Chicago. She avidly refused to wear it. It was fun making it nonetheless.

The pants were made from a favorite fabric I've been saving for a special project. My mother's Pfaff sewing machine is a dream to sew with. I am thinking of how I can transport it back with me to the U.S when the time comes (it's all metal).

No one knew how to juggle, but these juggling animals were made to fit the animal theme nonetheless, they're stuffed with lentils. For now they serve as weight to hold down the table cloth in place.

No birthday cake photos,  I made this cake but the frosting was a dud. (Egyptian ingredients are strange indeed) so Betty Crocker's ready made frosting saved the day. I somehow don't have face-free cake photos, hmn?

This book helped with the inspiration and the know how of many of the projects. The pants are from this book.

Happy happy weekend everyone!



Shannon said...

amazing masks masha'allah. i'm an american muslim, do egyptians do these type of bday parties?! wow, that's awesome. what a blessing your girls have in you.

Muslim Hippie said...

I'm not sure by what you mean with "these type of birthday parties" but in general the majority of Egyptians don't celebrate birthdays. Birthday parties were adopted from westerners. Upper-class Egyptians started celebrating them and then middle class Egyptians followed.

If you mean themed birthdays-- yes I remember attending a cowboy/cowgirl birthday party when I was little.

Thank you for your lovely comment.

Have a lovely weekend.