Thursday, October 14, 2010

fall cravings

 Egypt has it's head set strong on summer mode. Even though it almost swayed from it's position a couple of days back and we saw people in hoodies and blankets at night in the streets (we were still in t-shirts, but mind you these are Egyptians we're talking about here).

Alas, it's much too hot for fall I say, and not much trees to show off any fall colors anyway (At least up here on mount rock-more aka mokattam) So if fall will hide from us, well shall cook it out....

.... today, in experiment number one, I made Moroccan style butternut squash stew. From the fantabulous Deb of smitten kitchen. Only I didn't have couscous on hand so I served it on Egyptian style short grain white rice, and tweaked the spices to taste and added carrots and fresh tomatoes instead of the canned ones. It was deeeelicious! If you're looking for something to make this fall-- be it a cold fall or a boiling one. I suggest the above dish. I said it before and I'll say it again. The woman never fails me, she's genius!

My next experiment will be this one. I almost made it last night but ran short of butter for the galette dough. And I say never get stingy with butter, I mean people, we're talking serious business here! (to answer your question *I am a mind reader * our car was at shop getting fixed, hence the no "quick run get zee butter from zee store before zee kitchen explodes and zee flour evaporates" that sort of hubby rushing prep talk thingy)

If all else fails, and Egypt refuses to budge, I am going to have to resolve to extreme measure. and don't ask what, I am still concocting an evil plan in this demented little head of mine *insert evil laugh*



Um Abdullah said...

i definitely laughed by tuckus off imagining my egyptian husband quoting the "zee" butter and "zee" kitchen lines. oh man. laughing out loud, for real

Muslim Hippie said...

I know what you mean, except that I am zee Egyptian and my hubby is zee American. So we have a switch-a-roo here. I almost agreed to prank my in-laws (whom I was to meet for the very first time at the time) and speak English with a thick incomprehensible Egyptian accent, but back out last minute... bummer!