Monday, February 2, 2009

Disclaimer: Turn down your Volume for this post!

So I was going to write a long nice post for you. Right after my first born went to sleep,but since there is no background sound that I can display (which is something I think Google should work on in the future) Here's a little script so you can share my back ground sound effects.


Baby: WAAA..



Me: Ok!

Baby: Waaa..wa..mmmmm...

Me: Shhhhh.. (whispering while holding the baby)It's okay baby go to sleep

Half an hour later after lots of walking, rocking, singing and repeat background sound: Silence!


Baby: cough..cough..

Me: Please wait a

Baby: Louder coughing!

Me: Three more lines if I can remember. What was I typing?!!


Me: ok baby..see you tomorrow blog..maybe!

The one sound you're missing, which I had trouble adding to my mini script is, the background sound of the baby monitor.

Which goes something like this:

inhale..exhale..repeat..then every 10 minutes or so this sound..shhhhhhhhhhhhh(the sound of the heater in the first born room turning on).

Hope you're all surrounded by vibrant sounds of life and sounds of people you love!

In case you're wondering: Baby slept eventually and mommy went back straight to the (wink..wink!)


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