Saturday, February 21, 2009

The curious case of bad movies getting nominated for Academy awards

Friday night me and the hubby had one of those rare chances of going out on a date night.
We were supposed to go for a dinner and a movie, but we ended up doing a movie and a quick stop at a coffee shop for some bed time mint teas.
The night was great. The movie, hmm...How can I describe it?

I can only say this: A movie with a plot of a baby born old and growing younger, doesnʻt really sound like something I would watch. But since it was nominated for a best picture, I figured, the Academy must know what theyʻre talking about. (NOT!!)

The movie was a, turn around look at what the person next to you is doing BORING. It was one of those movies, where I could actually notice our "land lord" entering the movie theater and finding his seat in the dark BORING. Even more, I could see what the person in front of me was munching on, and the person in front of that person picking his nose BORING.
Yes I guess I said it too many times, but really it was "BORING" I donʻt have any other adjectives to describe it! Thatʻs why I guess I am not a movie critique. Which by the way even with my limited vocabulary and my not so good writing style. I think I could do a way better job at it than the so called movie critiques ( Hmm, I wonder If Iʻll get some hate mail by writing this!) Oh well, I guess it will be well written hate mail! All worth it.

(Warning: The coming part is a movie spoiler, so if you want to see it, donʻt read the coming paragraph, if you donʻt care, then jump in)

Ok, just to be fair, I was slightly interested in how they were going to pull off making a 100 year looking baby, grow younger and eventually turn into Brad Pitt.
I also enjoyed all the old timer clothes, furniture, Lace, cars, and the awesome southern Louisiana accent. Also the guy that got struck by lighting 7 times. Other than that it was pretty much your clicheʻd love story.
I did cry about 5 times though. Why? I donʻt know. I just cry in movies, Itʻs what I do. Fun, fun, fun. Donʻt go to the movies with me, not fun!

So bored yet with me whining about the movie? Me too.

Moving on.

I made this awesome stew, that I LOVED. So sharing the love.

Also, why did I not go to Coraline?
Yea OK Iʻll stop!



saritta202 said...

Nerm, I love reading your blog. It's very unusual. As for the movie. I couldn't agree more. The lightening guy was the only interesting part. The makeup on Brad Pitt was disturbingly interesting as well..the reast was YAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNNNN

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Saritta! I miss you a lot you know that right:)