Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Spoon Mystery Solved!

I was not one of those people that included a signature at the end of emails, but since I was not a lot of things that I recently became(like blogging). I decided to become one of those people that left a signature at the end of emails.

So my infamous signature is my most favorite quote ever: " there is no spoon!"
Only I recently realized that I forgot to put it between quotes so Iʻve been getting responses to my emails with lines like so:

Spoon? ( From a family member)

I did not offer a spoon to give.(from a free-cycler)

What spoon?(A friend)

You need a spoon?( Another friend)

I loved your email but I did not get the last part about the spoon.(Another family member)

Itʻs only my stupid signature. A quote, with forgotten quotation marks from the first Matrix movie! Mystery solved! I apologize for all the confusion everyone, sometimes (often times) Iʻm not so smart.

Just out of curiosity whats your favorite quote?

Also I want to salute and steal a very cool family member on his awesome signature " sent from my tOaster". Kudos, you know who you are!

Btw, Iʻm directing your attention to my new list bar, awsome finds, check it out.



Another Anna said...

A friend of mine has this quote from Ogden Nash posted in her studio...

"Anyone can make a mistake.
Even Jupiter, ruler of gods and men;
All the time he was going around with Io,
he pronounced it Ten."

Muslim Hippie said...

I have to admit I didnʻt know who Ogden Nash was and I had to google him.
So I didnʻt quite get the humor of the quote till now.
Thanks for sharing:)

Taliba said...

Now you still need to tell us what the quote actually meant! That was the real mystery for me ;-)

Muslim Hippie said...

If you ever watched the movie, you might remember the scene where the boy monk was bending the spoon and Keaneu Reeves asks him how he does it, and the boy responds with a very cool expressionless face" there is no spoon". I feel itʻs very Sufi.
Anywho, that's what it means.