Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cloth Diapers

It took me longer than I expected to get back to cloth diapering. I thought as soon as I moved to a place with my own wahser and dryer I would start right back. boy was I mistaken!
I really have no excuse, but I will blame it on my pregnant belly, just to feel less guilty.

Even after my pregnant belly disappeared and was replaced with my precious baby girl. I still waited a good three and a half months before I dove back in. Why? Well frankly I was afraid. I didnʻt want the extra work with all my sleep deprived nights. Even though MILLIONS of moms do it every day with less fortunate circumstances than mine, I was still afraid.

But finally I took a deep breath, and here I am back on the cloth diapering wagon.
I had already my first bornʻs old diapers, so I didnʻt buy a new set. Even though I wouldʻve loved to do it a again and buy a Bum Genius all in one set. The old school diapers arenʻt as hard as most people imagine though.
I mean sure itʻs so easy to just pop on a disposable diaper and not worry about washing, drying, and changing ever so often. But in reality the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.

Hereʻs how I do it:

First I switched to a dry diaper pail, what was I thinking using a wet diaper pail?
( much simpler, and it doesnʻt smell at all, i just keep it tightly covered)
I wash the diapers every other day, I soak them in cold water with a couple of drops of tea tree oil, half a cup of baking soda and sometimes backout.
Then I rinse and drain then wash a second time in a hot cycle with a little bit of enzyme free washing detergent. rinse, then dry them in the dryer and I have a fresh clean stack of diapers for my baby to soil:)
Every month or so I wash with no detergent to take care of the build up, and I sun them also monthly. In summers I can line dry hopefully.

For night time I put my baby in a treated wool diaper cover, and she stays in it for ( I swear) 6 to 8 hours straight without any sleep interruption.
I do love wool covers, they breath and are self cleansing once treated with lanolin, which I wash the wool soakers in either weekly or bi-weekly) depending on when they start to smell.

I change the diapers, every 2 to 3 hours, unless theyʻre soiled.

Itʻs not a piece of cake, but itʻs not rock science either.

I am not worried about all this weird stuff added in manufacturing a disposable, I am not contributing to landfills ( well I have my share of contributing to landfills, but we try) and my baby looks cute and bulky in her cool cloth diapers.

To all you hesitant moms that happen to drop by and read this post. You can do it to. Or should I get cheesy and say the overly used quote" Yes we can!" (donʻt hate me)

For extra information about cloth diaper care. Check out this link.

Warning: Bum Genius users, donʻt follow these care instructions, theyʻll ruin your diapers. Just follow the manufacturerʻs care instructions.


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