Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazing Black Bean Brownie Revisited

So hereʻs the black bean brownie photo, I had it when the girls were napping today( you can spot a wee glimpse of the little oneʻs blue rocking seat in the background, she was in it snoozing).
Btw, this is an excellent desert for gluten free, lactose intolerant, diabetic and dieting people! Well maybe not dieting, it does have two sticks of butter.. VEGAN..NO.. now youʻre really pushing your luck, It has to have something! Plus I already said it has butter, also 4 eggs..So there! Sorry vegans better luck next time!

And here is what we had tonight for dinner. (Sorry I only took prep. and cooking photos! oh well..)

A zucchini, yellow squash black bean improvised dish, with brown rice.
this dish I usually make without black beans, but I had some left over beans from the brownie recipe, so I figured, save the beans and add some proteins to the meal. A win, win really.

If anyone is interested in the vegetable dish recipe leave a comment. If not, then enjoy the photos!(even though theyʻre awful quality..took them by my phone)



Yasmine said...

I'm always interested in your recipes!yes please post it, looks delicious:)

Muslim Hippie said...

Yasmina Iʻll either blog about the recipe or email it to you.
Miss you love!

Farida said...

i want the recipe!!