Friday, December 3, 2010


Oh Friday, I am so glad you're a couple of hours from being done. What happened today? Not a day I want to remember. I took down last night's post because I felt like a liar. It did not work at all today. Baba got sick, Mei is coming down with something and avidly refused to go to her class (I tried to have her go before she started looking tired). Grabby was crying from the break of dawn, wait did I say the break of dawn? no, I meant to say from the wee hours of early morning. It was rough. But I am so glad it's over. I am also embarrassed about how I handled today.

Tomorrow is a new day, so lets try again, shall we?

 I did watch Scott Pilgrim Versus The world for the second time though, and boy do I love that movie. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet, and especially if you're having one of those days.

Current motto: why leave home?

Current mood: Meh!

Highlights of today: finished doing the dishes in seven hours. actual labor time: one whole hour.

Right now: there are still more dishes in the sink waiting to get washed. (they can wait till tomorrow)

Lessons learned: Next place we move into, make sure to have a dishwasher.


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