Wednesday, December 8, 2010

new things::

dust proof and (relatively ) sound proof windows. The rooms are all blue and the rest are all mustard yellow. A bold move, we know!

Literally a truck load full of wooden blocks. Everyone has been enjoying these, oh so much!

New homemade play-dough, recipe from this book, but you can make it from here.

And this friends is a WIP: Mei's superhero outfit for her coming birthday as requested. I simply up-cycled an old black t-shirt of mine-- shrunk it in this fashion and am waiting to add the applique' on. The mask will be starched to hold it's shape and I'll add an elastic to keep it in place. I am considering making her a cape, even though this would go against the idea behind The Icrendibles Costumes.We'll see how I do time-wise.

Happy Season Everyone!


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