Friday, December 17, 2010

Egypt Checklist :: Salahul Din's Citadel

  Fridays and Saturdays are the official weekend in Muslim land, so naturally it is also the official day for family trips around the city. Today was Salahul din's Citadel day. It was a gorgeous day-- warm, sunny, and (as the case for friday mornings) traffic-free.

(The Citadel is now home to a lot more small nick-nack shops and what have you, so both my girls got something new for their costume trunk today. And must say Mei attracted quite the audience with her new head gear!)

Mei was especially excited to visit the Castle that we've been talking about for so long. She was curious if Salah ul Din has a princess to share his Castle with or not, and got disappointed to learn that he has parted his Castle along with this earth.

They were preparing for a wedding party when we arrived (this is new. I've never heard of renting an area in the Citadel for parties!) and there were flower arrangements, and crystal shingles everywhere.

As we were leaving, someone was bringing in caged pigeons for the party, so they could be set free sometime along the festivities. I am quite sure it's an old wedding tradition for this part of the world-- for I have seen it done in black and white Egyptian movies. They also fire rifles, but I am not sure if they're adopting this tradition to tonight's wedding celebration. At any rate there's no way of finding out, unfortunately we can't crash a wedding with wee ones attached to our sides *wink*

I did forget my big Camera, but the Hipsta App on my phone, never fails me. Also you really can't go wrong with scenes like the ones in a city as old as Cairo *smile*

Have a fantabulous weekend!



Sally said...

Mashallah I love the way u take ur photos teach me plzzzzz
did u go to sultan Ahmed mosque it's very nice 2 :))

kate said...

these are BEAUTIFUL....And HI!!!!!!!!!

Muslim Hippie said...

Sally- I wish I could take credit for how the photos turned out, but unfortunately it's all the making of this cool application on my iphone called the hipstamatic. I heart it so very much.

Kate- I miss you! I've checking your old blog only to find some other strange website instead. HI to you too!!!!