Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happiness is...

 An "Allah" pruned tree, photo doesn't show much, but here it is, also the turban wearing guy is cool

I need to sleep. It's far too late for me to be near anything omitting light. You see, I am supposed to wake up in less than seven hours. But I've been sitting here staring at my blog page, wanting to blog about anything. Why? Vanity, boredom, a fake sense of importance. But mainly because both my babes are asleep and it's the golden chance to be creative. And since I wasted precious crafting hours on watching a far too gory (yet good none-the-less) movie, now it's too late to collect my energy to do anything but sleep... or blog.

Let's start by mentioning how I am finally feeling happy. I mean not trying to be positive and finding beauty in things so I can feel better 'Happy'. But effortlessly 'Happy'.

Am I not making sense to you?

Okay, lets try again, today I had to drive to one of Cairo's notoriously crowded streets, I got honked at, yelled at, and probably insulted several times (I had my widows up, and my blissful music on as always) and yet I caught myself smiling. Really, the cars next to mine must have thought I was high or crazy or something, because we were jammed in an endless sea of motionless metal for a good two hours. And I, dear and patient readers was smiling... no, not just smiling I was thanking God. Did I mention that I got lost about three times. I did!

Grabby slept through the first traffic jam, and I listened to endless stories from Mei about 'Mei-land' and how to get there, the appropriate clothing, and what kind of pets they like in Mei-land. And did you know that in Mei-land the sidewalks are made of ice-cream, the houses from Juice! how so?  "Oh mommy, you just freeze it and then you can make the juice stand like walls"
Also there are no mommies and daddies in Mei-land, everyone is a kid there, so don't worry if you find yourself shrinking in Mei-land. It's normal.

On the way back Mei slept, and I had the pleasure of playing I SPY (a game usually played by her elder sister) with the lovely Grabby:

I shpy wit my wittle eye, a buiwdin (building)

Let me guess, is it a Building?

You dot (got) it! now you torn mommy!

We continued the day by stopping at the playground aka the nady (sports club) and then called it a day.

Tomorrow, the place gets cleaned, and Mei (please pray she likes her class) goes to an Arabic class catered to non-Arab speaking kids learning the correct pronunciation through an old method (it's called al qaeda al nooraniyah or the light rule).

 Also I got myself a job... well sorta (more about that later)



Rahma said...

Alhamdulillah, I love this new attitude :) There is so much beauty in Cairo if you're willing to see it, and your camera captures it so expertly! I'm burning with curiosity about this new job thing. Let me know!

salma said...

well hello there addictive blog woman. Nice post. Love the i shpy game. Glad to read youre happy. And curious about the arabic method for kids. And the photos. Thanks!!

Muslim Hippie said...

Salma, it's a traditional way of teaching youngsters the correct pronunciation so comes time to learn Quran you don't have to unready them and retract them the correct pronunciation. It's quite famous I'm sure you can find someone within you're circle who heard of it or even teaches it!
Happy season:)

Muslim Hippie said...

* un-teach them and re-teach them...* dang you spell checker ( raising a fist in anger) !!!