Sunday, December 12, 2010

A reminder

We are the second day into a dust storm... Our Apartment is currently our refuge, thank God for our new windows, they work, they really and truly work, and if you are one of the residents of Cairo/Egypt and do not yet own those expensive shields against Egyptian weather, then by all means do yourself a favor and buy them or save for they are more handy than a car (how's that for a run on a sentence?). You can simply shut yourself from the dust, the (Currently) howling street dogs and much much more.


Winter is finally upon us, the woolens are out, THEY ARE FINALLY OUT! sorry was I yelling?
We have one oil heater, and since our building is built with concrete, with no isolation what-so-ever, which is the case for all Buildings in Egypt-- it gets chilly. So the one heater that we own got moved into the girls bedroom. I want to start and assure everyone before continuing the story (especially family) that the girls are fine, but unfortunately the connecting plug was faulty. So when (thank goodness for husbands who check frequently on little sleeping ones) husband went in to check, the room was full of fumes. The wire had started to melt and... well we moved both girls into our bedroom, opened the girls windows and the living room window to air the fumes. It is currently very dusty and chilly in our apartment, but I take dust and chill anytime any day over toxic fumes. May God protect us all.
Two words, and this is for everyone with a similar situation (meaning keeping heaters or other electrical appliances in little ones, or anyone's room really) CIRCUIT BREAKER. We are a little out of practice, we owned safe heaters in America, but I am not sure if they sell them here. I am only sharing this story, because with God's grace nothing bad happened tonight. But, and I am still collecting myself from the whole ordeal here. Please be wiser than us tonight. Safe heaters or circuit breakers and check (more than once if you can) on your little ones.

Alhamdulilah (all praise and thanks to God)

Stay safe.



Gravity Gardener said...
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sally said...

Nermo I was buying a heater today and remembered ur story and I told Aly that it's dangerous and he should not get a sheap one which one do u recommend ? Which one is safer ?