Monday, November 29, 2010

Right Now!

We finally made it back on Egyptian soil, and we are currently enjoying our new dust proof windows. (photos later) which means, back to slow connection. Oh well.
The top part of our fancy hotel

The Yas Hotel of Abu Dhabi, designed to have a hovering construction over it representing the Arabian veil, the hotel's two connected buildings looked more like a building from a Sci Fi novel with a futuristic and an Arabian feel. A true marvel of a design. the photos don't show anything, you need to go there yourself!
We had a fantastic time with family, Mei bonded with her cousins, and all of us enjoyed daily visits to an across the street beach, along with a one night stay at a fancy hotel courtesy of my ever so gracious twin sister. Mei now expects to go to a hotel whenever she wants to. She also asks why the hotel's bathroom has a gliding glass door to the bedroom.

"Because it's fancy," I reply.

"Mommy, I like fancy, lets go to hotels all the time."

"But of course!"

Cool Hotel Art::

::Weaved Basket bowing people (They're about twice as big as me)

 Quilted Beehive, three dimensional, wall and pillar, textile art

(mobile captures. again apologies on the photos) 

We also found Rhubarb. Off season, pretty tired, thousands of miles away from home rhubarb. Do you think this stopped me? We made rhubarb crumble... twice! And with enough sugar, butter, whipped cream and ice cream, we had a taste of spring. It was a treat in every way possible. And I did not feel guilty. Nope, not one bit.

(Unfortunately, it's rare to find local veggies in the U.A.E, they can't grow much there, but they do import anything and everything-- not the tastiest produce, but then again you can find rhubarb in late November)

Happy first day of the week everyone (or second, depending on which part of the globe you're at)


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